Abortion should be legal essay

Circumstantially, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Many have complications; some fetuses have severe disorders that can cause the child to live a very difficult and painful life. Some disorders can be so severe that death is guaranteed after a brief and painful life. Anencephaly, for example is a disorder where the brain is missing. Limb-body wall complex , a disorder where organs grow outside of the body, is equally as horrific, and yet it occurs. It is the woman’s right as a mother to decide what is best for her child. No weight of society or majority moral opinion of philosophers, religious or even state leaders have the right to decide for her. A mother’s right to decide to not put her child through that kind of suffering is her right and her right alone. To deny her a safe option to exercise that right is to deny her of that right in itself.

So what does it say that so many lefty men are willing to scrap it in an attempt to pander to some vague fantasy of a vast, disgruntled, anti-choice center? What kind of cringing, bewildered invertebrates roll over and capitulate to the losing side of a debate at a time when they’ve never had more leverage? What contortionist of logic came up with the proposal that alienating 75 percent of one’s constituents, and declaring half to not deserve control over their bodies, can strengthen a party’s numbers? This is not broadening our coalition; it’s flagrantly shrinking it.

Abortion should be legal essay

abortion should be legal essay


abortion should be legal essayabortion should be legal essayabortion should be legal essayabortion should be legal essay