Against child discipline essay

It is very important for parents and parents-to-be to learn the developmentally normal characteristics' of each stage of early human development. It is also important to recognize a virulent myth that still exists in our society: that fully meeting a child's needs will spoil the child. The research literature clearly says that the opposite is true. The well-disciplined child is created when parents appropriately fulfill the needs of childhood and adolescence.
Peter Haiman, . has been a childrearing consultant for over 30 years. He developed and administered a nationally recognized parent and child center in Cleveland, Ohio, and also served as chairman of the Department of Child Development and Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina. This article was first published in the May-June 1998 issue of Mothering . It is reprinted here with permission from the author and the editors.
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Give me a break spanking is sometimes the absolute last resort however it is a lifeline not a bullying technique duh we are the ones that get bullied on a constant basis until we are forced to by the people we brought into this world who look at us with those adorably evil smirking eyes while doing that same thing we just asked them not to do for the 6th millionth time not to do knowing theyre being disrespectful and pushing you over the edge and there is really nothing you can do to get her to care as shes already supposed to be on time out and has worked all the way passed taking away every toy she has making her sit in the hallway so theres no distractions writing lines to keep her occupied another disciplinary action that didnt faze her and with every following action she makes is setting the relization that a reality check is desperately and drastically needed. Although these times are few and far between these situations do exist and this method however hard and painful for a parent to do it has to be done but keeping in mind all children are different some people are blessed with children that are not as stubourn and rebelious towards authoritative figures as others and no maybe they are lucky enough not to have have to go that route and therefore have no reason to be against it but for the ones like me its the only last possible solition and wen backed into a corner feeling helpless without any sign of regaining controll and all else fails even with those adorable heart melting eyes looking up at me i will calmly and clear mindedly do what has shown throughout time to be a verry effective problem solving disciplanary punishment that reminds the little devil who is the parent and who is the child and it works everytime and has throughout the generations infact children are now so much more disobedient and rebelios and worst of all idisrespectful than ever before and the more leanient we are forced to become the worse it will get and soon as the bible depicts and i can actually see in the not to far future the adults will be at the mercy of the people that we brought into the world so unselfishly excited even only to end up with 3 girls that wen your back is turned do whatever they want not caeing about reprocussions until theyve been caught and the reprecussions are being set into play and theyre forward thinking is oh well i got caught this time next time ill hide it better or lie better learn not not to do it again but learn hiw not get caught next time and that punishments dont last forever and its hillarious to watch mom have a nervous breakdown at the hands of whome we work our asses off to feed and cloth and spoil and give generously to just so we can see their adorable little faces lightup with this tiny showing of desperately needed appreciation towards us sometimes i feel like i give give give and thats all i am here to be their slave and theyd rather endure the “severe punishments than just say ok mommy and make me feel that small sense that i am in controll they just want to see how lomg ut will take them to put in me in the looney bin and thats the only time they ever work together for anything without it being a compatition towards one another. But awe its good to see them working together as a team lmao the kids are bullies and we adults should be granted parents aid workers we can call when theyre bullying us and they can come and threaten them to take us away omg then who would be their maid maybe that should be on the list of punishments lol

Against child discipline essay

against child discipline essay


against child discipline essayagainst child discipline essayagainst child discipline essayagainst child discipline essay