Behaviorist learning theory term paper

Being able to discriminate the members of one's own species is also of fundamental importance for reproductive success. Such discrimination can be based on a number of factors. However, this important type of learning only takes place in a very limited period of time. This kind of learning is called imprinting , [22] and was a second important finding of Lorenz. Lorenz observed that the young of birds such as geese and chickens followed their mothers spontaneously from almost the first day after they were hatched, and he discovered that this response could be imitated by an arbitrary stimulus if the eggs were incubated artificially and the stimulus were presented during a critical period that continued for a few days after hatching.

This leads me to the point where I should like to make the argument constructive. I believe we can write a psychology, define it as Pillsbury, and never go back upon our definition: never use the terms consciousness, mental states, mind, content, introspectively verifiable, imagery, and the like. I believe that we can do it in a few years without running into the absurd terminology of Beer, Bethe, Von Uexküll, Nuel, and that of the so-called objective schools generally. It can be done in terms of stimulus and response, in terms of habit formation, habit integrations and the like. Furthermore, I believe that it is really worth while to make this attempt now.

I think the idea of behaviorism not involving the mind is the most ridiculous and faulty thing i have ever heard. The “mind” and the brain govern all body functions and all thought process both conscious and subconscious. The body and the actions of the body, muscle movements, respiration, heart beat are all governed by the brain and the “mind” the brain is always functioning neurologically and hormonally. THIS IS THE WORST THEORY I HAVE EVERY HEARD. The fact that this is published is completely awful to me. For that fact the mind and the brain are not separate entities- that is a term developed by psychologists and a misrepresentation of how the brain functions in thought processes

Behaviorist learning theory term paper

behaviorist learning theory term paper


behaviorist learning theory term paperbehaviorist learning theory term paperbehaviorist learning theory term paperbehaviorist learning theory term paper