Biology gcse no coursework

Additional guidance: suggest how organisms are adpated to the conditions in which they live Examination questions will use examples that are unfamiliar to candidates observe the adaptations, eg body chape, of a range of organisms from different habitats develop an understanding of the ways in which adaptations enable organisms to survive suggest the factors for which organisms are competing in a given habitat Factors are limited to light, water, space and nutrients in plants; food, mates and territory in animals. evaluate data concerned with the effect of environmental changes on the distribution and behaviour of living organisms.

When writing up your experiment, it is really important to mention the anomalous results even if they don't appear in your final results table or graph/chart. It shows that you have worked carefully and are aware that experiments are not perfect. If you have been very careful and repeated the experiment several times, you may not have any anomalous results. In this case, simply mention in your evaluation that you can't see any anomalous results. That will tell the person marking your work that you are aware of the concept of anomalous results even if you didn't have any to comment on.

Biology gcse no coursework

biology gcse no coursework


biology gcse no courseworkbiology gcse no courseworkbiology gcse no courseworkbiology gcse no coursework