Boston massacre term paper

An act of defiance toward the British government by American colonists; it took place in 1773, before the Revolutionary War . The government in London had given a British company the right to sell tea directly to the colonies, thereby undercutting American merchants. A group of colonists found a ship in the harbor of Boston that was loaded with the company's tea. They dressed as Native Americans , boarded the ship, and threw hundreds of chests of tea overboard. The British government then tried to punish the colonists by closing the port of Boston, but this move only intensified American resistance to the rule of the king.

Harry Frazee bought the Red Sox from Joseph Lannin in 1916 for about $500,000. A couple of notable trades involving Harry Frazee and the Yankees occurred before the Babe Ruth sale. On December 18, 1918, outstanding outfielder Duffy Lewis , pitcher Dutch Leonard (who had posted a modern record ERA in 1914 [19] ), and pitcher Ernie Shore were traded to the Yankees for pitcher Ray Caldwell , Slim Love , Roxy Walters , Frank Gilhooley and $15,000. [20] As all three players were well regarded in Boston—Lewis had been a key player on the 1910s championship teams, Shore had famously relieved Babe Ruth and retired 27 straight, and Leonard had only four years before setting a modern record for earned run average—this trade was regarded as a poor one in Boston. Then, on July 13, 1919, submarine-style pitching star Carl Mays was traded to the Yankees for Bob McGraw, Allan Russell and $40,000. [21] Mays would go on to have several good years for the Yankees, but had been a discipline problem for the Red Sox.

There are many more organizations in the Chinatown area of Boston which provide community outreach and resources such as the Wang YMCA of Chinatown, [35] the Chinese Progressive Association , and many grassroots organizations such as the Campaign to Protect Chinatown. [36] [37] There are over 75 organizations in Chinatown, and most are ethnically based. Chinatown has always focused on organizations for the youth such as the YMCA, Marching Band, and Boy Scouts . In the 1930s, there was even a major development for culture and support for women and Chinese American girls. [38]

Boston massacre term paper

boston massacre term paper


boston massacre term paperboston massacre term paperboston massacre term paperboston massacre term paper