Career and life goals essay

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In our world today, the word “convenience” is a hot selling point for a lot of food items. We’re bombarded with advertisements for fast food and time saving meals, but when we consume these things, we pay a price. Fast food is notoriously loaded with calories and sodium that can put us at risk for developing chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Also, reading the ingredients label on processed foods can sound more like a chemistry class than something that we would want to eat. Indeed, making changes in food choices and eating habits is our first line of defense against aging.

On one episode of  Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition  Chris Powell worked with Jacqui, a 355 woman who wanted to turn her life around. Because the show follows contestants for a year, it’s easy to see that the coach has developed a plan with  Specific ,  Measurable ,  Achievable ,  Realistic ,  Time-Framed  goals at every stage. Chris tells her the goals for each three-month segment AND writes them down. In Jacqui’s living room turned exercise room is a large white board and on that board is written her goal for the first segment: 90 pounds in 90 days. And she has an exercise and nutrition plan to get there.

Career and life goals essay

career and life goals essay


career and life goals essaycareer and life goals essaycareer and life goals essaycareer and life goals essay