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Alyssa Barton is an attorney, environmentalist, and outdoors explorer. After a year-long process of travelling, researching, and planning, in 2016 she sold most of her belongings, packed up her car, and drove from Miami, Florida to her new home in Seattle. Alyssa has a history of environmental activism starting from childhood when her mom took her on stream and beach cleanups and instilled in her the importance of the mottos “recycle, reduce, and reuse” and “go play outside!” Prior to joining Puget Soundkeeper, she worked for almost five years on the Board of Directors of the Fairchild Palms, a non-profit in South Florida that plans events and fundraises in support of a children’s environmental education and stewardship program, the Fairchild Challenge. She also worked as a legal fellow with National Parks Conservation Association for over a year, and as a pro-bono attorney on behalf of several environmental non-profits in South Florida. Alyssa has seven years of legal experience, including four years of combined litigation experience in property insurance and association law, and three years of law firm office management experience. She obtained her JD from the University of Miami in 2009 as a Dean’s Merit Scholarship Recipient, and her BA in English with a Minor in Writing from UMBC where she graduated magna cum laude as a Humanities Scholar. Alyssa has published one short story, one article, and she blogs. She enjoys reading and writing, camping, volunteering, hiking and biking, crafting, and various other pursuits in her free time.

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Chris pearson thesis twitter

chris pearson thesis twitter


chris pearson thesis twitterchris pearson thesis twitterchris pearson thesis twitterchris pearson thesis twitter