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Now FAIR’s signature event is an annual gathering of talk radio hosts, where earnest policy pitches share time with the kind of battle cries Dr. Tanton once feared. This year’s event mixed discussion of job losses among minorities with calls to use Tomahawk missiles on Tijuana drug lords, while a doubter of President Obama ’s birth certificate referred to “the undocumented worker” in the White House. Leading allies include Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, whose sweeps of Latino neighborhoods around Phoenix have prompted a federal investigation.

In each list, the magazine data is subdivided into four hierarchical levels providing more and more detail about fewer and fewer magazines. These levels are as follows:

  • Top Level :This simply provides a single-page table of contents to the next level down to facilitate rapid access to a given magazine.
  • Magazine Lists : These pages contain a single line for each magazine title, listing:
    • The magazine title. Note that an attempt has been made to group together all variant titles of a given magazine, with cross-references from each title to the main entry.
    • Details (as far as is known) of the range of issues for which the magazine was published.
    • Details of up to two magazine indexes that index some or all of the contents of the magazine in question.  The magazine indexes themselves, apart for those that form part of the FictionMags Index Family , are listed on a separate page (in either case, the index is hyperlinked from the lists).
    • Notes on the coverage of the indexes (if incomplete), with particular emphasis on missing issues, together with a link to the illustrated checklist for the magazine, where one is available.
  • Magazine Data : Each of the magazines in the magazine lists is hyperlinked to a page containing further details of the magazine. The level of detail provided varies widely from magazine to magazine, partly due to the limited information available and partly due to the sheer volume of information that needs to be entered.
  • Magazine Images : The magazine data pages (and issue checklists) contain thumbnail cover scans of as many of the magazines as I have images for; these are also hyper-linked to larger versions of the same cover scans – typically limited to 400 pixels wide and about 60Kb in size, although this varies widely from magazine to magazine.
Illustrated Checklists are provided for about 3300 of the more popular magazines (such as pulp magazines and SF/Fantasy magazines). Each contains a full checklist of all known issues of the magazine in question, illustrated, where possible, with thumbnail cover scans of each issue (which, as always, may be "clicked" to display a larger cover image). As mentioned above, this are linked from both the Magazine List and Magazine Data pages for the magazines in question. In addition, there are a series of summary pages for the key members of the FictionMags Index Family . For a small number of magazines (such as Argosy and New Worlds ) these pages also contain detailed discussions of the magazines in question. In due course I would like to add similar information for all magazines but, at the current rate, this will take about another 200 years.

Cover page papers research

cover page papers research


cover page papers researchcover page papers researchcover page papers researchcover page papers research