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In October 2016, Prof. Dr. Jochen Steil was appointed new head of the iRP. The institute's main activities now comprise teaching and research in advanced robotics, robot learning, sensor-based manipulation, and process modeling. Relevant activities concern also the integration and role of robotics in production systems and more generally in the context of Industrie and the digitalized society, where Prof. Steil has been advisor to several public bodies on the future of work and robot ethics. The institute coordinates the European H2020 project CogIMon - Cognitive Interaction in Motion -- and is member of euRobotics, the European joint association of robot industry and research. It runs several industrial transfer projects and collaborates with the Zukunftsallianz Maschinenbau Norddeutschland to support in particular SME on the road to robotics-based innovation.

Cs thesis

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