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In a challenging year for international cooperation, the Global Strategy has equally provided an effective framework for the EU to show leadership on issues that matter to European citizens, including climate change, sustainable development, security, conflict prevention, peacekeeping and global governance. The EU's strong support to the Paris agreement on climate change, the adoption of a first common development policy and the successful implementation of a comprehensive partnership on migration are examples of increasingly close and effective cooperation by the members of the Union, and with the EU's neighbours and international partners, starting with the United Nations. In these areas as well as when it comes to crisis management and counter-terrorism, the EU has also shifted its approach to focus more on prevention. It is part of the "European way" to clearly recognise that "if we want peace, we must prepare for peace."

Family and the Law of Child covers a wide range of topics regarding the family and marriage including moves to harmonise the legal position of married and unmarried couples, the influence of the Human Rights Act, nullity, void and voidable marriages, the effects of a decree, statutory rights relating to marriage, the registration of marriages, and the case for reform of UK family law. Other topics of interest are the Child Support Act, financial orders for children, the enforcement of financial obligation to a child or children, the award of maintenance and the enforcement of the arrears of maintenance payments and enforcement of financial obligations in the Magistrates court. An area of law that is becoming more prominent in modern society, specific topics for your law dissertation could be one of the following:

Dissertation eu topics

dissertation eu topics


dissertation eu topicsdissertation eu topicsdissertation eu topicsdissertation eu topics