Durkheim essays

A fundamental influence on Durkheim's thought was the sociological positivism of Auguste Comte , who effectively sought to extend and apply the scientific method found in the natural sciences to the social sciences . [15] According to Comte, a true social science should stress for empirical facts, as well as induce general scientific laws from the relationship among these facts. There were many points on which Durkheim agreed with the positivist thesis. First, he accepted that the study of society was to be founded on an examination of facts. Second, like Comte, he acknowledged that the only valid guide to objective knowledge was the scientific method. Third, he agreed with Comte that the social sciences could become scientific only when they were stripped of their metaphysical abstractions and philosophical speculation. [24] At the same time, Durkheim believed that Comte was still too philosophical in his outlook. [15]

Durkheim essays

durkheim essays


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