Effect noise pollution essay

Parents also need a quiet environment to sleep, but with little children in the house—and the nightmares, requests for sips of water, or standard potty trips—this can be challenging. If you stir at the slightest peep from your kids, see if you can turn the baby monitor down (or off completely if they are nearby). You should be able to hear when your kids need you, but not hear all the normal noises they make while sleeping. If one parent's work schedule requires her to sleep later, use white noise and earplugs to block sounds as the rest of the family starts the day.

For more information on how noise pollution is controlled, please refer to Problems & Solutions .

What You Can Do
Ensure you don't generate excessive noise. Be considerate of your neighbours - don't turn your TV or Hifi too loud, shut your doors and windows if you are engaging in noisy activities and don't pursue these activities at night . If you wish to make a noise complaint, you can call either the EPD or the police. The police are responsible for handling complaints on neighbourhood noise, noise from intruder alarms and construction noise. The EPD has four Regional Offices which handle complaint on noise from commercial and industrial premises, and construction sites.

Trades and industries can help to reduce noise pollution from their operation through proper selection and maintenance of their equipment and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Noise problem can also be prevented through better planning such as building design in residential development. Reference can be made to Guidelines & References for a full account of compliance guides and good practices.

Effect noise pollution essay

effect noise pollution essay


effect noise pollution essayeffect noise pollution essayeffect noise pollution essayeffect noise pollution essay