Essay on biometric security

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You can tell your story without concerns you will disclose something harmful to you. Your discussions with an attorney are privileged and state law protects your right to freely discuss just about anything with your attorneys to get legal advice. Clients can refuse to disclose these confidential communications, or to allow their lawyers to disclose them in just about every situation. The attorney-client privilege even extends beyond the death of a client. On of the few exceptions to the privilege are communications by which you seek advice on how to commit a crime or fraud are not privileged. The privilege covers discussions on how to stay within the law.

Keystroke Dynamics: Keystroke dynamics, or analysis, is also referred to as typing rhythms. It is an automated method of analyzing the way a user types at a terminal or keyboard, examining dynamics such as speed, pressure, total time taken to type particular words, and the time elapsed between hitting certain keys. Specifically, keystroke analysis measures two distinct variables: "dwell time," which is the amount of time a person holds down a particular key, and "flight time," which is the amount of time it takes between keys [8].

Essay on biometric security

essay on biometric security


essay on biometric securityessay on biometric securityessay on biometric securityessay on biometric security