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Great article and a lot of useful tips for people that haven’t been to conferences before. I liked the section about how to spend your time and recently was reading http:///blog/articles/event-planning/10-things-never-conference-according-experts/ , where Allie Siarto said “Don’t go to networking events with friends. Too often, people are intimidated by networking events, so they ask friends to come along. Then they spend the whole event talking to no one but the people they already know. I try to make a point to go to networking events by myself when I can. This forces me to branch out and meet new people, and I’ve made some really amazing connections this way.”

These same debates can be applied to another of Bacon’s pictures at the 1949 exhibition, Study for Portrait (see below). There are however two important differences compared with Head VI . The man is dressed in a jacket and tie as distinct from papal robes and, unusually for Bacon, there appear to be the shadows of two onlookers in the foreground. The figure is therefore a more formal one and doesn’t possess the isolation that one thinks of in connection with Bacon’s heads and portraits. Later observers noted that in this image, Bacon had prefigured the box-like structure that contained Adolf Eichmann in his trial of 1961.

Essays picturesque

essays picturesque


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