Evaluative essays samples

According to Haileselassie (1997), the functional and true sense of educational supervision depends on the supervisory operation made at the grassroots level, . School level. In this regard, subject-area instructional supervision has practiced in all schools of Addis Ababa since the beginning of 2004. The major responsibilities of subject-area instructional supervisors in Addis Ababa include: (1) examining and reporting the programs, organization and management of the teaching-learning activities; (2) developing and presenting alternative methods used to improve instructional programs; (3) guiding and monitoring schools and teachers; (4) preparing and organizing professional trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.; (5) monitoring and supporting the mentoring (induction) programs for beginner teachers; and (6) providing direct assistance and perform instructional and managerial activities in schools with teachers and principals by organizing and implementing clinical, collegial, peer coaching and cognitive coaching techniques of instructional supervision, etc (Alemayehu, 2008).

This is supposed to be a flash animation. You'll need the flash plugin and a browser that supports it to view it. Caption: The flash animation above depicts the assembly of a puzzle. The pieces represent the components of problem-based learning. The first piece shows a question mark and represents the problem or general question. The second piece fits into the first one and represents student centered learning. The third piece connects to the second and represents collaboration among students to address the initial question. The fourth piece completes the puzzle and represents the learning that took place in trying to solve the problem. The final picture of the animation shows the completed puzzle and adds a picture of children cheering in joy at having solved the problem on their own. Solving the problem or answering the question takes place successfully after all characteristics of problem-based learning are in place. This animation was designed and developed by Julie Criser Pate, Cathy Garmon, Amy Lee, Karen Mobley, Tim Nielson, and Hsiao-Wei Wen. The fictitious scenario and activity with Mr. Samples' class involving the fish kill near the Nikron plant highlights some common characteristics in problem-based inquiry instructional models:

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Evaluative essays samples

evaluative essays samples


evaluative essays samplesevaluative essays samplesevaluative essays samplesevaluative essays samples