Example of nursing admission essay

Nursing is a healthcare profession that focuses on providing aid to families and individuals. They care for individuals, based on their physical and psychological needs. They care for people of all ages, from various social, economical and cultural backgrounds. All nurses have different scope of practice and education. The candidate in this profile has more than ten years of experience as a staff nurse and a nursing aide. Her major skills are ability to remain calm and composed throughout critical situations, capability to analyze the situation and implement the appropriate interventions, ability to develop rapport with physicians, staff and family members, etc. She has done her masters in health care management and bachelors of science in nursing aid. Jenny Carter
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Ethics can sometimes provide moral dilemmas that nurses face when caring for a patient especially if the patient has been diagnosed with an incurable disease whereby the family and their employer do not want it to be disclosed to the patient. In such circumstances the conflict it between ethics and moral dilemma that is enshrined in the NMC (2008) Code of Ethics their role as nurses and moral duty to the patient who wants to know the truth and the patient's health and wellbeing (Benjamin & Curtis, 1992; Edwards, 1996). Thompson et al (2006) stated that ethics and moral cannot work in a vacuum further added that in order to justify moral judgement nurses need prior knowledge of ethical theory. Beauchamp and Childress (2009) added that one needs understanding of moral theory to be able to justify ethical decisions. This demonstrates the extra burden imposed on nurses thereby finding themselves constrained by the difficult responsibilities placed on them to fulfil the NMC (2008) Code of Ethics furthermore those of their employers.

Example of nursing admission essay

example of nursing admission essay


example of nursing admission essayexample of nursing admission essayexample of nursing admission essayexample of nursing admission essay