Examples of hooks in essays

The following code demonstrates how to hook functions that are imported from another module. This can be used to hook functions in a different process from the calling process. For this the code must be compiled into a DLL file then loaded into the target process using any method of DLL injection . The advantage of this method is that it is less detectable by antivirus software and/or anti-cheat software , one might make this into an external hook that doesn't make use of any malicious calls. The Portable Executable header contains the Import Address Table (IAT), which can be manipulated as shown in the source below. The source below runs under Microsoft Windows.

While working in the EHR, a user can perform multiple activities in series or in parallel. For example, a clinician might prescribe two drugs in a row; each prescription activity would be assigned a unique hookInstance . The [[activity catalog|Activity]] provides a description of what events should initiate and terminate a given hook. This allows an external service to associate requests with activity state, which is necessary to support the following app-centric decision sequence, where the steps are tied together by a common hookInstance :

Examples of hooks in essays

examples of hooks in essays


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