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Written Warnings Shouldn't Be Taken Lightly By Anyone

Warnings to employees should always carry a certain amount of weight, and should never be given out in revenge, or casually. They should go into a workers permanent file that will follow them the entire time they are with the company. The employee should know exactly what caused the warning and how to improve to avoid another in the future, and there should also be an explanation of the consequences of receiving another for the same offense as well.

Employees Should Always Know Their Job Duties And Description

When a new person is hired on at the company, they should always know exactly what is expected of them at work. This can also include being on time to work, lunches and breaks, as this is an important part of many jobs, especially those that deal with customers that need to be helped in a timely manner. There should be strict policies in force for any dangerous activities, including working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating machinery in an unsafe way, threatening fellow employees, and theft of company property.

Some offenses are eligible for immediate termination, depending on the safety and severity of the action.

Bad Attitudes Can Be The Hardest To Change

One of the most difficult problems in any work place are those employees that have continual bad attitudes. They cause others to be the same around them, and can chase away customers over time as well. Sometimes they are the result of problems at home, but they need to be left there and not brought to work. Many times they arise from a missed promotion, a manager brought in from another location, or some other problem that could be fixed by having a private meeting to air grievances. If that doesn't work, there are counseling, medications, and other ways to handle the problem. If nothing works or the employee refuses to change, it might be time to ask them to leave the company, or risk being forced out using the company policies as a guide.

Using the employee written warning should always be one of the last resorts used with employees, unless of course you've basically decided to terminate them legally from their jobs. It's always better to use training, meetings, goal setting and other methods to help otherwise good workers thrive and be happy at their jobs.

Give an Employee Written Warning after Verbal Ones Fail To Rein In Discipline!

Discipline is a must in any business enterprise and must have employees confirming to all the rules of the business, whether it be in attendance, application of skills, behavior with associates and fellow workers, honesty and loyalty to the enterprise where they are employed. Employers and mangers need to take steps to see that this discipline is maintained at all times, and take steps to correct poor employee behavior.

Examples of well written scholarship essays

examples of well written scholarship essays


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