Gartner research papers

There have been numerous criticisms [9] [10] [11] [12] of the hype cycle, prominent among which are that it is not a cycle, that the outcome does not depend on the nature of the technology itself, that it is not scientific in nature, and that it does not reflect changes over time in the speed at which technology develops. Another is that the "cycle" has no real benefits to the development or marketing of new technologies and merely comments on pre-existing trends. Specific disadvantages when compared to, for example, technology readiness level are:

Increasing Emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility
Running socially responsible supply chains aligns with what investors, customers, employees and the general public expect from companies today. “Mainstream institutional investors are paying greater attention to a company’s nonfinancial performance indicators, including its handling of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors,” said Mr. Aronow. “Supply chain executives should expect their organizations to become a bigger part of their company’s investor relations story as these stakeholders expand their awareness of ESG issues.”

Gartner research papers

gartner research papers


gartner research papersgartner research papersgartner research papersgartner research papers