Informative essay on fear

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Trauma healing is another way to help parties manage their emotions. Victims of war and violence often feel humiliated , helpless, and hopeless. Other emotional responses that commonly result from trauma include depression, intense fear , and anxiety. One strategy that can help parties to acknowledge and deal with trauma and hidden emotions is storytelling . Some theorists point out that one reason that protracted conflicts get so "stuck" is that disputants do not feel deeply heard by one another or the world at large. Often this is because parties delete their emotions from the narratives they tell about conflict. The "story that each side tells to itself and others about the conflict" does not mention the anger, hurt feelings, humiliation, and shame that parties have experienced. In order to resolve their conflict, parties must begin to acknowledge their hidden feelings in a way that leaves dignity intact. People should have a chance to tell their stories of pain and oppression. The "truth-telling" that occurred in South Africa, for example, allowed both black and white citizens to express some of their emotions and begin to change their shared narrative. [21] Some other ways to begin the process of emotional healing and peacebuilding include testimonies, memorials, and group ceremonies.

If you liked An Intuitive Explanation of Bayesian Reasoning , you may also wish to read A Technical Explanation of Technical Explanation by the same author, which goes into greater detail on the application of Bayescraft to human rationality and the philosophy of science. You may also enjoy the Twelve Virtues of Rationality and The Simple Truth . Other authors: E. T. Jaynes:  Probability Theory With Applications in Science and Engineering (full text online).  Theory and applications for Bayes' Theorem and Bayesian reasoning. See also Jaynes's magnum opus, Probability Theory: The Logic of Science .

Informative essay on fear

informative essay on fear


informative essay on fearinformative essay on fearinformative essay on fearinformative essay on fear