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The Mathematical & Computational Finance (MCF) track is an interdisciplinary program that provides education in applied and computational mathematics, statistics, and financial applications for individuals with strong mathematical skills. Upon successful completion of the MCF track in the ICME master's program, students will be prepared to assume positions in the financial industry as data and information scientists, quantitative strategists, risk managers, regulators, financial technologists, or to continue on to their . in ICME, MS&E, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, and other disciplines.

CAOZ produced and successfully put to market the first ever Icelandic Computer generated animation entitled ‘The lost little Caterpillar’. The film went on to set an all time box-office record in Iceland and has sold over copies on DVD in Europe. The film won numerous awards and honors at film festivals the world over. CAOZ latest film, Legends of Valhalla – Thor, is a full length CG adventure set in the Norse mythology universe that will entertain kids of all ages starting in stereoscopic 3d in 2012. Besides its own productions CAOZ provides commercial services in animation. The company has produced most of Iceland’s computer animated commercials in recent years as well as selected productions for UK and USA based clients.

Target - The Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design is designed for graduates in architecture, civil engineering, architectural and built environment studies or design studies in related fields who wish to explore the built environment to turn economic and environmental constraints into creative design opportunities, as well as suggest techno-functional strategies considering social and energy issues.

Methodology and structure - The course includes different teaching activities: theoric classes, seminars, design workshops, speeches, construction labs.
The first month will be dedicated at introducing students to the skills of the job, including 3d modeling, digital fabrication, Arduino technology and principles of environmental strategies. From the second month and through the next 11 months, students will work on a challenging thesis project that will be presented to a public audience at the end of the Master. During this phase, classes will stimulate students on the topics of Green Energies Design Strategies, Smart Technologies for the Built Environment, Design Rating Systems and Certifications, Big Data, Urban Sharing. All the input coming from these activities will be embedded in the students design work to develop a compelling thesis project.

Master thesis algorithmic trading

master thesis algorithmic trading


master thesis algorithmic tradingmaster thesis algorithmic tradingmaster thesis algorithmic tradingmaster thesis algorithmic trading