Master thesis on business intelligence

Some courses have prerequisites which must be met prior to enrollment.  All students must have the MBA graduate advisor's permission to enroll. 

Part 1 - Leveling Courses (12 hours)

BUS 5013 - Business Administration Concepts
ECON 5023 - Economic Concepts
ACCT 5033 - Accounting & Information Systems Concepts
FIN 5053 - Financial Concepts

A student with undergraduate course work in business from a regionally accredited institution may receive a waiver of part or all of these requirements, depending on the student's background in accounting, business, and economics subjects.

Part II - Core Courses (24 hours)

1.  Common Core Courses (18 hours):

BUS 5103 - Applied Business Statistics
FIN 5613 - Managerial Finance
ACCT 5243 - Accounting for Management
MGMT 5853 - Management Information Systems OR
ENT 5303 - Technology Entrepreneurship
MKTG 5513 - Contemporary Marketing Problems
BUS 5983 - Applied Business Strategy

2.  Core Area I - Economics (3 hours):

ECON 5213 - Macroeconomics OR
ECON 5313 - Managerial Economics OR
ECON 5933 - Issues in Global Economics

3.  Core Area II - Human/Organizational Admin (3 hours):

MGMT 5443 - Current Issues in Organizational Design OR
MGMT 5703 - Organizational Behavior
MGMT 5843 - Current Issues/HRM

Part III - Elective Courses (9 hours)

May include up to 6 hours of credit if a student elects to complete a masters thesis.

Part IV - Comprehensive Exam

Students must successfully complete a written comprehensive exam.  Study guides for the comps will be provided by the Graduate MBA Advisor.   

The MBA dissertation (or thesis in some universities) will, in general, comprise the following in some combination: [37] a discussion of the literature , providing a critical review and structuring of what is known on a given topic, with a view to addressing a specific problem; a case study that goes beyond simple description, containing the analysis of hitherto unpublished material; a test of the application or limitations of some known principle or technique in a particular situation, and / or suggested modifications. As an alternative to the dissertation, some programs instead allow for a major project. [38] Here (part-time) students will address a problem current in their organization; particularly in programs with an action learning orientation, these may be practically oriented. [38] Most MBA programs require additional course work in research methodology, preceding the dissertation or project. Some programs allow that the research component as a whole may be substituted with additional elective coursework.

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Master thesis on business intelligence

master thesis on business intelligence


master thesis on business intelligencemaster thesis on business intelligencemaster thesis on business intelligencemaster thesis on business intelligence