Materials and methods for lab report

3.  If you are only looking at plywood for the main construction material then for boats over 20' () in length, l tend to use ply over frame construction - this method gives you a rigid framework and point of reference to work too - joins in the hull skin panels usually have a wood stringer behind them rather than tape and epoxy. I have used stitch and tape for some quite large craft but fighting with plywood panels longer than 20' of 3/8" or 1/2" (9mm or 12mm) thickness and trying to get them stitched together in the correct place without a reference framework can be very frustrating unless you have lots of hands to hold the panels in place. The amount of epoxy used in stitch and tape boats over 20' () also tends to be large and never seems to want to stay where l put it!
Modern frameworks tend to be of egg-box plywood construction rather than the old fashioned solid wood affairs with few, if any redundant members - a well designed ply over frame hull will have ply bulkheads and girders slotted together with these components forming bunk and locker fronts and partitions.

My first encounter with insulated siding (or IS as it’s known in the trades) came while visiting the Raritan Inn , a bed-and-breakfast in New Jersey that was remodeled by a pioneer in energy-efficient and innovative "green" construction, Bill Asdal . The Raritan Inn serves as a research center and a showpiece of deep-energy remodeling. In 2003, Asdal, in partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Research Center, pioneered the first net-zero energy remodeling project in the United States. The structure was clad with insulated siding in an effort to achieve the highest R-values possible within the limits of remodeling an 18th century structure. What I noticed was not the R-value but the aesthetic quality. The siding had a clapboard profile and it lay flat, lacking the usual telling concave cup of most vinyl siding.

Materials and methods for lab report

materials and methods for lab report


materials and methods for lab reportmaterials and methods for lab reportmaterials and methods for lab reportmaterials and methods for lab report