Nyu application essay examples

My colleague wrote her essay to get into Case Western about the subject of golf. She was her state champion in high school and believed that parallels could be drawn between her golf experience and the worlds of nursing and healthcare. You can pick anything you are good at and write about how those traits will compliment your nursing practice or impact the profession. My golf-loving colleague was accepted into Case Western and graduated with honors. She is now a nurse practitioner at the Cleveland Clinic. So, you see, you can write about almost anything as long as you highlight your passion.

But will it drive increased application volume? Is a glittery new building cause to apply to a given school? “I think there are many, many different aspects that should go into an applicant’s choice of where to apply, but I do think that the space you’re in and how it enhances your experience plays a part in the overall experience,” Rapp said. “Kellogg is certainly offering an incredible space that is designed for students to have an extraordinary academic experience,” she added, from the technology built into the classrooms to the flexible spaces good for both small- and large-group collaboration. “The building alone is not a reason to pick a program, but it helps to build a strong case for attending.”

Nyu application essay examples

nyu application essay examples


nyu application essay examplesnyu application essay examplesnyu application essay examplesnyu application essay examples