Phd thesis decision making

Candidates for the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy are required to pursue an approved programme of advanced study and research under supervision as enrolled students of the University. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded on the basis of the submission of a thesis. The thesis, which may include a nominated creative component, should give evidence of the candidate’s ability to carry out research, that the candidate has shown originality and independence, and that the candidate has made a significant contribution to the advancement of their particular field. The research should be of a kind which a diligent and competent student might reasonably be expected to complete within three years of full-time study.

Apoorva Sikka completed her and degrees in Computer Engineering from RTU Ajmer and MNIT Jaipur​ ​(India). She is currently pursuing PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India. Her work is based on exploring recent machine learning technologies like deep learning to different medical imaging domains to perform tasks such as classification, delineation, synthesis. In past, she has devised a method using fully connected neural networks to perform brain segmentation of MR scans. She is working as a visiting scholar in canlab where she focuses on analysis of deep learning approaches applied to neuroimaging data(fMRI).

Phd thesis decision making

phd thesis decision making


phd thesis decision makingphd thesis decision makingphd thesis decision makingphd thesis decision making