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Christopher Fielden's short story proofreading and critiquing service is excellent and I can sincerely recommend it to anyone serious about writing. I sent my short story to him to be proofread and critiqued, and it came back within 3 weeks as promised with most helpful comments. I found the feedback to be thorough and detailed. Being an aspiring writer, advice and tips on how to tighten the story, what works and what needs to be rethought, and what to avoid in order to improve the chances in getting published were extremely helpful. All comments were very constructive and encouraging, and now I feel more confident about my writing and in submitting my story to a short story magazine.

You might still be wondering
How do I submit my paper, thesis, term paper or any other document? Easy and fast. Enter your account, upload your paper and one of our editors will pick it up. If you need to customize the editing, contact us in Live Chat or via email.
Can I get an example of what my paper will look like after your editors work on it? Check out BEFORE / AFTER edited works for a better understanding of what we mean by editing.
Do you work with urgent orders that need to be edited ASAP? YES! You can choose how soon you need your paper back (from to 72 hours) and if the option is currently available – you’ve got it!
If I’m not satisfied with the editing, Can I send my paper back for revision? Sure. We offer FREE revisions and are ready to hear your feedback and explain every controversial point.

Proofreading service online

proofreading service online


proofreading service onlineproofreading service onlineproofreading service onlineproofreading service online