Pygmalion research paper

I did a research paper on Rosenthal and his studies. The research that has been done on self-fulfilling prophecies dates back many, many years. Rosenthal did his first study in the 1950’s. There was a study done in 1900 regarding a tabulating machine being used at the . Census Bureau. The machine was new and required training. The inventor estimated that trained workers would be able to process 550 cards per day. After training and a couple of week’s experience, the workers were indeed producing 550 cards per day. After a while, the workers were producing 700 cards a day but with extreme stress and great emotional costs. calabama71
Post 1 In my social work course, we have reviewed several case studies about children who grow up in negative environments. Some parents tell their children that they are stupid and that they will never amount to anything. These children usually make poor grades in school and grow up to be fairly non-productive. On the other hand, the children who grew up in positive environments with support and encouragement from their parents ended up excelling in school and went on to further their education and became very productive members of society. Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code:

Mysterious, older men with magical powers (and unclear academic standing) are sometimes given the title of "Professor" in literature and theater. Notable examples include Professor Marvel in The Wizard of Oz [13] and Professor Drosselmeyer (as he is sometimes known) from the ballet The Nutcracker . Also, the magician played by Christian Bale in the film, The Prestige , [14] adopts 'The Professor' as his stage name . A variation of this type of non-academic professor is the "crackpot inventor," as portrayed by Professor Potts in the film version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the Jerry Lewis-inspired Professor Frink character on The Simpsons . Other professors of this type are the thoughtful and kind Professor Digory Kirke of . Lewis ' Chronicles of Narnia .

Pygmalion research paper

pygmalion research paper


pygmalion research paperpygmalion research paperpygmalion research paperpygmalion research paper