Salmon research paper

The report that caused many media stories was published in Science magazine on January 9, 2004. It stated that "Having analyzed over 2 metric tons (approx. 700 fish) of farmed and wild salmon from around the world for organochlorine (a compound of PCBs) contaminants, we show that concentrations of these contaminants are significantly higher in farmed salmon than wild." It went on to say that " Risk analysis indicates that consumption of farmed Atlantic salmon may pose health risks that detract from the beneficial effects of fish consumption". This report failed to mention that, according the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), their PCB contaminant criterion (25 parts per billion) applies only to sport-caught fish and is not used by the federal government to assess risk of commercial product. Plus, the public would have been much better informed had the authors of the paper mentioned that the EPA risk assessment level pertains to consumption of the fish in question for at least 70 years. PCB levels in salmon are properly assessed under the FDA criterion, which is 2000 ppb. In addition to having low contaminant levels according to FDA guidelines, all wild and farmed salmon in the study had PCB levels well below the concern levels of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the World Health Organization. Therefore, none of the wild or farmed salmon evaluated in the study carried any increased risk for cancer.

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Salmon research paper

salmon research paper


salmon research papersalmon research papersalmon research papersalmon research paper