Sample cset social science essay questions

The Water/Wastewater Technology Certificate is designed to serve the educational needs of employees that work in water and/or wastewater treatment, such as those employed with municipalities or industry. This certificate will also provide a strong educational foundation for those students who have an interest in entering an occupation in water or wastewater treatment. Individuals who complete the coursework in this program will be much better prepared to take the state water or wastewater treatment operator exams. Most courses in this certificate will also apply towards the Associate of Applied Science degree in Environmental Science, Safety and Health or Civil Engineering Technology.

There are several requirements a student will meet prior to graduating. Along with finishing all of their coursework, which amounts to 48 credit hours, students will also be required to complete an e-portfolio and 18 weeks of student teacher training in their concentration. Additionally, students must take and pass the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment as well as the Reading for Virginia Educators. Sample courses include Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum, Assessment for Instructional Design, and Consultation in the Schools.

Scientific management helped bring about many modern management techniques for manufacturing companies. You can see its influence in task specialization and the assembly line, where an employee focuses on one part of the production, such as putting spark plugs in an engine. You can see its effects in the way companies utilize data, accounting, and mathematical analysis to improve efficiency and effectiveness of production. And you can even see scientific management behind the subjects of human engineering and ergonomics, such as the development of chairs with lumbar support and anti-glare computer screens.

Sample cset social science essay questions

sample cset social science essay questions


sample cset social science essay questionssample cset social science essay questionssample cset social science essay questionssample cset social science essay questions