Samples of gmat essays

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There is no 'except for maybe "x"' on your list. With a 690 you could get dinged at all or accepted at all. And the same is true with a 760. I have a 710 and got in everywhere I applied (including Texas, Darden, Ross, and Fuqua). I am a white male with 4 years of financial svcs experience (non-bb s&t), a liberal arts degree from a regional private school, dropped out of a previous grad program with a (stopped going to class) undergrad grades were good but that's pretty much it. No community service, no leadership bs...just good recs and good essays. I know a guy with a similar profile but with better grades, better work exp, and a 770 and he got dinged at Texas, HBS, Wharton (no interview), Booth, and WL'd at Darden. I repeat, the GMAT is merely what gets you looked at, and that bar is far lower than you imagine. Many of the others responding on here sound like 20 year olds with no clue as to the reality of mba admissions. That's ok, I didn't either until I went through it. Apply wherever you want, just have a good reason for doing so.

Samples of gmat essays

samples of gmat essays


samples of gmat essayssamples of gmat essayssamples of gmat essayssamples of gmat essays