Secondary medical school essay samples

Medical schools use secondary essays to learn more about the personal characteristics of applicants. The information collected from the secondary application is combined with the rest of the application, in order to present a complete and holistic view of the applicant. Ideally, a secondary essay should complement the other parts of the application seamlessly without any overlap. It is important for the secondary essays to thoroughly answer the supplied question; which will accomplish the goal of presenting the applicant as a highly capable future physician.

IB World Schools must undergo a rigorous authorization process in order to offer an IB programme. Its curriculum is recognized all over the world and IB standards and focus is universal across all IB World schools. As a result, an IB Diploma graduate often receives a higher level of university acceptance, not to mention greater scholarship potential. An IB Diploma holder may also receive credit for courses in first-year university. Please consult each university regarding its specific IB admissions policies and advanced credit award policies. More information on university recognition of the IB Diploma Programme, click here.

Secondary medical school essay samples

secondary medical school essay samples


secondary medical school essay samplessecondary medical school essay samplessecondary medical school essay samplessecondary medical school essay samples