Short essay galileo galilei

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Galileo is put into home arrest as an intellectual prisoner of the Inquisition until his death nine years later. In his silent life in the home arrest, he writes the Discorsi , the sum of his scientific theories and discoveries, but the pages of the manuscript are confiscated by the Church as they are written. Galileo is finally able to hide a copy, which he later hands over to his student Andrea to smuggle out of Italy. In the end, Galileo declares: "I have betrayed my profession. Any man who does what I have done must not be tolerated in the ranks of science."

Performance assessments should involve meaningful, authentic, and engaging tasks.  Such tasks "are better suited to assess more complex concepts and 21st century skills, such as mathematical reasoning, scientific investigations, issues analysis, creative problem solving, oral communications, and technology applications"  and should  "include both content specific and interdisciplinary performances."  Teachers should implement them " as part of the curriculum at designated time periods during the school year" (McTighe & Wiggins, 2011, p. 17). 

Short essay galileo galilei

short essay galileo galilei


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