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We are a recognised force with governments and international organisations on a global level. We lobby strongly for the cause of quality coffee. Together with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Speciality Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ), we represent the speciality sector on the International Coffee Organization's Private Sector Consultative Board. We take positions to defend coffee quality and to ensure a fair deal for everyone, and our voice is heard! We spearheaded the drive, now taken up by the ICO, to develop alternative uses for poor quality coffee and to remove it from the world market.

We at Narsingh Dass Group are relentlessly trying to touch new horizons with our expertise and special skills, constantly striving to improve the functioning of process within the framework of total quality program. ISO: 9001:2000 certification of group companies offers reliability of our services and installations. Our objective is to remain responsive to the needs of our customers and providing the product or service they require. Flexibility and creativity are the basis of our success. Some of the critical services performed by us include -

In the world of paper, no one can deny the presence of APP. As one of the two largest pulp and paper production companies in the world, it is a bonafide juggernaut who has lived its belief of  ‘tradition and modernity go hand in hand’ everyday since 1972. Today APP's products are available in  120 countries across six continents, tomorrow sky is the limit. By achieving economies of scale unheard of in any market, APP has been able to penetrate product segments ranging from writing and printing paper, specialty paper, tissue, packaging and stationery products with a high degree of success. PW is proud to be a part of APP's trusted distribution network across the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. 

Speciality papers pietermaritzburg

speciality papers pietermaritzburg


speciality papers pietermaritzburgspeciality papers pietermaritzburgspeciality papers pietermaritzburgspeciality papers pietermaritzburg