Summarizing research papers

About two years ago, I discovered pandas , a Python library for performing data analysis. The goal of pandas is to provide data structures and functions that make data analysis in Python just as easy (if not easier) than in R. At the time, it was young and growing very quickly, so although I could see the huge potential, I wasn’t quite ready to make the switch. Still, the premise is extremely exciting for anyone who does at least some work in Python. Because of that, I’ve checked in on Pandas now and then to see how it would handle jobs for which I’d instinctively reach for R. On a whim, I decided to try it out yesterday for a split-apply-combine job and was pleasantly surprised both by how easily it can be done with pandas, but also by how quickly it produced the results.

No Sweat Public Speaking! How to Develop, Practice, and Deliver a Knock Your Socks Off Presentation! With No Sweat! Published by Fred Co., St. Louis, Mo. 2011

Through the Cracks, Carol Sollman, 2008


*Special thanks to North Carolina Teacher Academy (Unfortunately this agency along with Middle School Literacy Coaches were cut by the General Assembly under the leadership of Governor Beverly Perdue in 2011)

Yes. The Education Department's office for civil rights issued guidance in 2014 confirming that charter schools, like any public schools, must take steps to support students learning English and ensure their admissions, disciplinary, and other policies do not disproportionately affect ELLs or their parents. For example, OCR entered a resolution agreement with the BASIS DC Public Charter School after finding that students who did not speak English at home were not appropriately screened for their English-language skills, and teachers incorrectly believed that only the school's reading lab teacher was responsible for providing ELL services.

Summarizing research papers

summarizing research papers


summarizing research paperssummarizing research paperssummarizing research paperssummarizing research papers