Teenage responsibility essay

When little-known Playmates Toys, Inc. was approached about producing a TMNTs action figure line, they were cautious of the risk and requested that a television deal be acquired first. [13] [14] On December 28, 1987, the TMNT's first cartoon series began, starting as a five-part miniseries and becoming a regular Saturday-morning syndicated series on October 1, 1988, with 13 more episodes. The series was produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson Film Productions, Inc. (later Fred Wolf Films ). Mirage Studios does not own the rights to this cartoon series. The show places a much stronger emphasis on humor than the comics do. Here, the Ninja Turtles are portrayed as four wise-cracking, pizza -obsessed superheroes that fight the forces of evil from their sewer hideout, and they make their first appearance in masks color-coded to each turtle, where previously they had all worn red. [15]

More information was unveiled at an invite-only fan event in March 2010. These details, however, were from a work-in-progress version of the series, and have the opportunity to change in the final product. Some details that have been made known, however, including a teenage April O'Neil , Hamato Yoshi becoming Splinter , and The Kraang , an homage to many different entities in TMNT lore ( Kraang / Utroms / Foot Soldiers ). The series is said to have the dark elements and intense action of the 2003 TV series , but still have the jokes of the 1987 series while still being something of its own.

Teenage responsibility essay

teenage responsibility essay


teenage responsibility essayteenage responsibility essayteenage responsibility essayteenage responsibility essay