Television shows essay

A few years after the cartoon the ninja turtles came out with their first movie. I was pumped about his movie I wanted it more than anything else but my mom would not buy it for me due to the violent content in the film. She thought that I would try to imitate it on my brother. I gave my mom hell for weeks until she gave in and got me the movie. I was filled with excitement, so I rushed to watch it and of course half way through the movie my brother and I were fighting. I believe but am not certain that on that day we broke a glass table in the living room. The movie went away for a few years until we were old enough and mature enough to watch it. I thought the movie was great because it had a lot of action and my favorite action stars were in it so what's not to like. This was just the first of a few movies to come.

With the advancement of technology, the greatest difference between children now and in the past is that children now enjoy more luxurious usage of newly invented technologies. Nowadays, children virtually spend their after school life watching television programs, playing computer games, and Internet chatting apart from completing their necessary homework. Though it is well-debatable on if it is good or bad for children to watch television; however, I do think that watching appropriate amount of television programs is good for the development of a child. Watching television can help children in learning new things in an interesting way-it can be a good entertainment for children, it enhances children’s intellectual development, and it widens the child’s mindset. In those senses, watching TV is not bad for children.
First of all, watching television teaches children to learn new things in an interesting way. I certainly think that television is the main source of information among many other sources such as newspapers, books, and Internet. Television serves educational purpose to children. I believe that it is one kind of source where children can learn about different people, their culture, and their history. In addition, it can also help children in learning about various animals and birds. For instance, there are many educational channels on television, and their sole purpose is to educate children. My nephew is 12 years old, and he always watches discovery channel and geographic channel. After watching those channels, he learned about many different animals, particularly wild cats and their living environment. Learning about wild cats helped him while he was doing his class projects on wilds cats’ habitant. He used all the information about wild cats in his presentation that he gained from watching the discovery channel. I feel that my nephew’s experience convinced me that watching television is an educational and useful in...

Television shows essay

television shows essay


television shows essaytelevision shows essaytelevision shows essaytelevision shows essay